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  • Smart Start: Free orientation required for members ages 13-15 who use fitness equipment. Teens will learn how to properly use all exercise equipment, basic exercise programming, and proper nutrition.
  • Adult Fitness Orientation: Members meet with a fitness staff member for a complimentary orientation. Learn the basics of the fitness room equipment. Free for members.
  • Fitness Evaluation: Includes blood pressure reading, body composition and starting weight assessment, and body measurements. $10 for members, $20 for nonmembers.
  • Personal Training: Personal trainers provide specialized fitness programs to help you reach your specific goals through one-on-one or semi-private training. Pricing varies.

Contact the fitness desk at (757) 622-5762 ext. 64350 for details about any of our programs!

  • Children ages 0-9 MUST be accompanied by a parent or an approved guardian, at least 16 years old at all times, to use gym facilities.
  • Ages 10 – 12 may use the gym as long as a parent or legal guardian is in the building.
  • Ages 13 and up have complete gymnasium access.
  • Gum is prohibited in the gymnasium.

Contact the fitness desk at (757) 622-5762 ext. 64350 for details about any of our programs!



Improve your balance, flexibility and breathing techniques with this stress relieving workout.
Monday/Wednesday | 7pm

SILVER FIT – A dance fitness workout designed especially for older adults.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday | 10am

Strengthen and lengthen your core muscles while working on breath control, body alignment and posture.
Tuesday/ Thursday | 7pm

BODY RESTORE – ($) Loosen tight muscles and regain flexibility in this 30-minute class. You will be guided through various stretches and SMR (foam rolling) techniques to help with muscle tightness, flexibility, and stress relief. Tuesday/Thursday | 9am.

A fun and dynamic way to sculpt a sleek and lean physique! This hybrid of Pilates, Dance, Cardio and Strength-training is designed to tighten and tone!
Thursday | 6pm

SILVER SNEAKERS – This upbeat class for active adults improves your strength and flexibility while working on coordination and mobility.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday | 11am


CORE & MORE – Focus on toning your abs while getting a great cardio and strength building workout.

Monday/Wednesday | 7pm

BURN IT – A total-body strengthening and toning workout

Monday/Wednesday | 7:15am

BODY SHOX – Step-it-up! This workout infuses steps, choreographed movement, and hand weights to tighten and tone your bod

Monday/Wednesday | 5:30pm

RIPPED – Resistance. Intervals. Power Plyometrics. Diet.

Tuesday | 6:30pm

TRX CIRCUIT – An awesome combo of cardio and strength building exercises that incorporates TRX exercises.

Wednesday | 6pm

JR30 – This dynamic workout utilizes jump ropes and body weight to lead participants through circulating rounds of conditioning and multi-functional exercises. Build strength & burn fat in 30 minutes!

Wednesday | 6pm

Saturday | 12pm

TREAD 215 – Torch calories with 2 15-minute intervals, alternating between the floor and treadmill.

Thursday | 5:30pm

JAB($) Sculpt your dream body while learning the basics of striking. You will experience explosive rounds of jab, cross, hook and uppercut combos. Blast the entire body with this energetic class and knock out those extra pounds!

Thursday | 6pm

SHRED – Focus on raising your heart rate and burning calories.SHRED the calories away!

Saturday | 9am


INTERACTIVE CYCLE – The cycling room is open for cycling at your own pace.

Monday-Friday | 12pm

STRENGTH & POWER (IC) – This dedicated strength-based ride incorporates steep climbs and rolling hills designed to challenge your body and push you to perform with a virtual instructor.

Tuesday | 6:30am


A great cardio workout that strengthens your legs and core. Add weights and resistance bands for a higher intensity.

Tuesday | 6pm

POWER PEDAL – Are you in the zone? Pedal the pounds away with this invigorating cycling workout. This class utilizes state of the art heart rate monitoring devices that provide real time vital information on our monitor in front of the classroom. This information will be used to ensure all participants are training in the most effective and efficient “zone.”

Wednesday | 7pm

H.I.P. (IC) – A fast-paced workout taught on a stationary bike. You’ll climb, sprint, and train to incredible music with a virtual instructor.

Thursday | 6:30am

REVOLUTIONS – A 50-minute cycle class that is full-body and high-energy! With killer arm, core, and cardio sequences, you’ll experience an incredible mind and body transformation.

Thursday | 6pm

HIP-HOP CYCLE – Not your average spin class! Great music, big movements, and pedaling to the latest hit songs!

Friday | 6pm


A 50-minute high intensity interval training ride on a cycle. High intervals and fast paced revolutions will increase your endurance.

Saturday | 10am


A dance party with the best hip-hop, reggae, and popular music. This non-stop 50 minute workout will melt away fat while boosting your dance skills like never before.
Monday | 6pm

HIP-HOP STEP – Are you ready to STEP your game up? A fusion of aerobic step and choreographed moves to today’s jams.

Tuesday | 5:30pm

A dance fitness workout that is fun for people of all fitness abilities!
Tuesday   | 6pm
Saturday | 11am

Dance your way to t with this class that uses explosive moves.
Wednesday | 6pm


16+ Kroc Corps Outreach open to members and non-members.
Tuesday | 5-7pm

18+ Teams compete in 5 on 5 basketball 10 minute games. Sign ups start at 7pm. Identification required. Limited 30. Non-members: $7
Monday | 7-8:45pm
Sunday | 1-3pm

Open basketball. Non-members: $7.
Tuesday/Thursday | 11:30am-1:30pm

Open gym for all ages!
Monday | 5-7pm


New to the gym? Sign up at the Fitness Desk. This class that will teach you the basics of our cardio and strength equipment.

18+ Pickleball is a doubles racket sport that blends tennis, badminton and table tennis. This low impact sport is sure to be right for you!
Tuesday/Thursday | 8:30am-12pm
Saturday | 8:30am-1pm 8:30am-10:30am (Double Courts) 

8+ Table tennis for all! Hit, strike, slam and smash with some of the best ping pong players in the community!
Open Lobby Hours | 10am-7pm
Tuesday/Thursday | 3:30-5pm

6+ Are you ready to climb Mount Kroc? Enjoy a physical, yet fun rock climbing experience today!
Monday | 5-6pm
Tuesday/Thursday | 3:30-5pm

16+ Find a variety of skill levels with this drop-in volleyball time! If you’re looking for team play or trying to get a workout in, this drop-in time is perfect for you to develop your skills.
Wednesday | 7-8pm

“GET IN THE BALL” and see what you’ve been missing! With six or more participants, this experience is catapulted into rip roaring laughter, exhilarating knocks and rolls that will keep you coming back for more! Members: $5  Non-members $8.
Friday | 6-7pm

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